Yoga With Children

I started teaching Children’s Yoga Classes nearly twenty years ago.

I’ve been teaching yoga in local authority schools and independent nurseries for the past sixteen years and it’s definitely kept a spring in my step.

Although much of my work has developed and taken different directions since then, I still teach over two hundred children a week. Many of the early attendees practice yoga with me as young adults.

During the pandemic, I know so many of you will be missing your friends and school routine.

I've created short children’s yoga videos, in the hope they can be a fun addition to your home school schedule.

I will be uploading three classes per week.

We will go through all the familiar animals and shapes we use in class. Easy to follow if your children are new to yoga, feel free do join them!

The breath is important, keeps our energy flowing, bodies moving, faces smiling, hearts beating and our spirts laughing.

Using spoken word, story telling and music.
I will guide your imagination through landscapes to allow your body to rest. I know for some of you it’s your favourite part of the class and can be used before bedtime.

Keep safe everyone and I look forward to seeing some of you on the yoga mat when schools open.

Lots of Love
Tracy xx