My Yoga Journey - Tracy Bickley

My yoga journey began in the late 80‘s when my Aunt took me to a yoga class and introduced me to her Iyengar teacher. The weekly classes that followed led me to continue my exploration of yoga traditions and styles all over the World.  

I was drawn back time and time again to gyms, studios, retreats and teachers to do this 'thing' called Yoga. It was when I left college and moved to NYC that I developed a regular practice, although I still didn't really think too deeply, if at all about how theses classes gave me space from my hectic life style. The roots of my first Yoga experiences were instinctive ones rather than being concious that I was on a spiritual journey. 

It was many years later during my pregnancy when I really started to experience the effects Yoga was having on my mind and body. I became curious and was naturally drawn to explore and deepen my understanding of what I had been doing for all those years before. 

Not long after the birth of my first son, I found a two year Yoga Teacher training course inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli. With the guidance of so many wonderful teachers my body softened,  I also gave myself space to reflect on the process, which led to deepen my daily practice and open my eyes and heart into the vast World of Yoga. There was no going back.  

My exploration and study of yoga never ends and I am aware that my journey is life long and to be embraced, as each day brings new lessons. 

Yoga is the process of unfolding and remaining curious to all possibilities which feeds into all that it brings to my life and my family, and also to develop a greater understanding of myself. Yoga has taken me all over the world, opened many doors and welcomed in many great friendships which I hope to continue to share.