Yoga & Wellbeing Days

Yoga & Wellbeing Days

When we don't take time out for ourselves, our body and mind are never given time to truly soften into deep rest . All too often we push ourselves beyond exhaustion, it becomes the norm and what we think is expected of us.

Yogawaves Yoga & wellbeing days create a safe and comfortable space for you to surrender into deep relaxation, combined with a gentle Hatha yoga practise & nourishing smoothies.

Each monthly workshop will have a different focus as we follow the seasons and will use local seasonal organic produce.

These days are perfect for those that find it difficult to take a whole week or weekend out of their busy schedule but can find time to spend a day looking after themselves whilst I look after you.

The day includes;

Hatha Yoga
Fresh Juices & Smoothies. 

We are also partnering with local handmade natural skincare and cosmetics brand Love & Pepper to bring you the option of a facial on the day- please book in advance.

Example of a Yogawaves Wellbeing Day:

8am: Arrive, Circle time - Meditation. Juice One. 
9am: Hatha Yoga & Pranayama (Breath work). 
10.30am: Creativity On The Mat. - Juice Two. 
11.00am: Yoga Nidra Meditation. Restorative Yoga. 
11.45 am: Circle Time - Juice three..

Previous workshops have included letter writing, drawing, journaling and collage.

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