Private Yoga Classes

If you would like a one to one yoga class or in a small group - I can come to you or facilitate at my yoga studio at home.

Private classes are a great way to start or deepen your practice, get back into yoga or have a class tailor made to suit and focus on your needs. 

£100.00 per session (Sliding scale for low income & Students)

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Private classes are for a ratio of one to one. For small groups and companies please email me for details and price information. 

“Tracy is indeed a rare human being. I like Tracy also work with people and hence can recognise a gem when I meet one. Tracy is infectious with her personality and has the ability to put you at ease in even the most awkward of circumstances. She has a way of grounding people that is extremely rare and can energise a room just with her presence. She is a very accomplished facilitator both within groups and on a one to one basis. You can tell that Tracy genuinely cares about people, and is not just going through the motions.

On top of all this Tracy has an uncanny, almost ESP like ability to read people and their emotional and well being state. She can see right through into your soul in a glance. This is indeed an extremely rare ability and one which makes Tracy a powerful therapist and facilitator. Be aware that Tracy will tell it how it is, but deliver messages in a palatable manner to help the individuals healing. Be certain that time spent with Tracy  is time wisely invested, and indeed something that everyone should try at least once!” Adam Leon