Yoga In Schools With Tracy Bickley

I set up Yoga Waves thirteen years ago when I started teaching Yoga to children. Yogawaves classes compliment the curriculum within schools to improve the physical, mental and emotional well being of children and adults through the use of some of the Yogic traditions. 

Embracing the practise of yoga, even just the physical, can prove to be a fantastic way to enrich your life. Yoga helps you achieve a balance and combats negative aspects of life such as the adverse effects of every-day stress; whether you are younger or older!

Teaching regular classes for pupils in schools is a great way to compliment a students learning & development. Through my sessions I aim to improve the physical, mental and emotional well being of children through yoga principles.

Yoga brings many benefits including better body awareness, nurtures and builds self-esteem. 

We want children in our classes to engage with and develop strong bodies and open minds.

Yoga classes in school prove to enrich and compliment a students learning. Our Yoga classes will enhance work already being done in schools to help develop the children into happy, kind, thoughtful young people, enjoy life, friendships and respect people regardless of a persons colour, gender, culture and religion.

During our classes we aim to. 

  • Improve motor skills and physical fitness
  • Promote strength and flexibility.
  • Develop good co-ordination and posture.
  • Help children relax and concentrate.
  • Learn how to be quiet and still
  • Foster emotional growth
  • Build social skills
  • To be gentle and non competitive.
  • Be creative and imaginative.
  • To encourage curiosity, enthusiasm and patience.
  • Create a calm environment for relaxation.
  • To have fun!!!!!